ebay Sales & Profit Spreadsheet
The image below is only part of the spreadsheet . Click the PDF larger view link. This will open a three page PDF file. Adobe reader is required to view this file.
The "ebay Sales & Profit Spreadsheet" is an easy way to track your ebay sales. 10,000 items can be listed. Excel versions 2000 - 2007 and Open Office version 3.1.1 are offered. Here are some of the key features: 
1.  Place the mouse pointer over the column heading    
     and a box will pop up describing what needs to be
2.  Press CTRL+; (i.e. semicolon) to enter the current
     date in a date field.
3.  The "Enter New Listing" button moves the
     cellpointer to the next blank field in the "Date
     Listed" column.
4.  The "Filter Sales" button puts the spreadsheet in
      filter mode.  Sales can be filtered by any of the
      column headings.  The top of the spreadsheet
      normally shows the sales, cost, fees, shipping
      gain/loss and net profit/loss for all listings.  When
      filtering is turned on, only the numbers for the
      filtered listings will appear in this section.
5.  The "Add Product Categories" button takes you 
      to a section of the spreadsheet where the Product
      Categories are listed.  This list can be changed and
      sorted to fit your needs.  Each cell in the Product
      Category column (i.e. the fourth column from the  
      left) has a drop down list. This list comes from the 
     "Add Product Categories" section.
If you have any questions, please contact me via email. My address is stacy@everydayexcelstuff.com 

Stacy Simmons
This spreadsheet is offered in Excel versions 2000 - 2007 & Open Office. Open Office version 3.1.1 software can be downloaded for FREE.